Invitation to Persimmon Hill Fire Safe Committee meeting on Thursday May 4th

Persimmon Hill homeowners are invited to join the Persimmon Hill Fire Safe Committee for a
presentation by Chris Danch, Executive Director of the Fire Safety Council Ojai Valley and his assistant, Kali O’Connor. The presentation and the opportunity for discussion will be held on Thursday May 4th at 6:00 pm at the Ojai Library meeting room.

Due to the potential fire hazard to Persimmon Hill, the HOA Board on March 16th, 2023 decided to form the Persimmon Hill Fire Safe Committee (FSC). The members on the FSC are Darrell Ralston, Ron Wilson, Petter Romming.

The purpose of this Committee is to identify, propose, and implement measures to reduce the fire hazards to Persimmon Hill properties. The two initial projects are:

  • Removing 100+ large eucalyptus trees and invasive plants along the San Antonio Creek.
  • Have Persimmon Hill be designated as a Firewise USA Community. (This designation may also be recognized by insurance carriers with the possibility of a policy discount. Property owners
    should check directly with their insurance carrier to determine if they qualify).

To implement these projects the FSC reached out to the Fire Safety Council Ojai Valley and requested their assistance.

During the meeting Chris Danch and Kali O’Connor of the Fire Safety Council Ojai Valley, will cover:

  • Current status of the tree removal project and future steps
  • Firewise Community Certification Process
  • Efforts to address property insurance issues and modeling
  • Community Wildfire Preparedness Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessments and Home Hardening
  • For the HIZ Assessments, they will do a “windshield survey” (they will drive through the neighborhood) of Persimmon Hill before the meeting and present their results 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact Petter via email: or cell phone: 805-432-4044.

Please RSVP by Sunday April 30th by replying to this email so we can ensure that we have adequate seating. Thank you.